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At Professional Drone Solutions our team has been flying, building, and experimenting with Remote Control aircraft for over 20 years combined. Our team’s passion for the air doesn’t stop with drones. Our team consists of certified sky divers, FAA rated airplane pilots, computer coding enthusiasts, and hardware experts. We have come together as Professional Drone Solutions to serve our customers using our unique knowledge base to gather interesting and compelling footage, gather and sort data, create video edits that are meaningful, and get your job done professionally, safely, and in a way that allows our customers to have a positive experience. Our pilots have a vast network of resources to assist in specialized areas such as construction, marketing, videography and more. We have offices across the state that allow our customers to experience a homogeneous experience no matter where the job is located. We frequently travel and love opportunities to serve our customers all over the globe. We have extensive experience in the Caribbean.

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